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Titahi Bay RSA Club is affiliated to Clubs New Zealand (Inc) and therefore welcomes Members from other affiliated Clubs from New Zealand and Australia.

The Club is situated in Main Road in the suburb of Titahi Bay in the beautiful Wellington region of the lower North Island of New Zealand. Titahi Bay has been a popular seaside destination since the 1920s when holidaymakers from Wellington would train out to Porirua station then catch the coach to the sea. Over the years nothing much has changed and the beach remains a draw card for sea sport lovers.

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The Titahi Bay RSA was formally incorporated on 3 March 1947 as a branch of the Wellington RSA. It was initially set up in June 1942 with about 20 members, although returned servicemen gathered together on occasions prior to that date.

The first formal meeting to set up the RSA was held in a Senior American Officer’s house, in what is now Waiuta Street.  The members continued to meet in a variety of places until 1945, when the present section was brought and a tin shed erected on the land as a meeting place. In 1946 the RSA was offered the war time guard house situated at the radio masts. This building was shifted to this site in two pieces and became the basis for our present clubrooms.

Since then, the clubrooms have been extended and modified and even today, the Committee is looking at ways of maximising the use of the land available to us.

Over the years, the RSA has had it’s ups and downs with perhaps the most disastrous being a fire in March 1992 which resulted in considerable damage to the building and the loss of most of our records. The committee at the time undertook a major rebuilding effort and the premises were re-occupied in August of that year.


The first meeting of the Titahi Bay Returned Serviceman's Association was held in a house in Waiuta Street on 6th June 1942. It was held in one of the houses that were allocated as American Senior Officers quarters during the Second World War.


Some of the persons present at that meeting were Charlie McKenzie, V. Tregonning, W. Schock, W. Skinner, Blackbee or Blacky, Adam Wright, Harry Matheson and the elected Chairman, Mr L. De Feyre.


The group continued to meet on a regular basis in various houses in the area or at the old Porirua RSA clubrooms in Station Road. On the death of Mr James Banacle in 1945, part of his estate on Main Road was subdivided into residential sections. At the auction the last section was a triangular one and was eventually sold to become the home of the Titahi Bay RSA.


The RSA members under the leadership of Mr Sam Kench and Mr George Fussell built a tin shed that was to be their headquarters until 1946. It was in 1946 that the RSA was offered the wartime guardhouse that was situated at the 2YA Wireless Station at Titahi Bay. It then became their task to move the building from the radio mast site to the site at 74 Main Road. It was Sam Kench and his helpers, Adam Wright, Harry Marheson, Bill Schock, Alf Mexted, Bill Skinner Jack Irion, Sam Kench's son, George Fussell (and his truck) and Shorty Collins (and his crane), that moved the building to where it stands today. Sam Kench prepared the ground, laid out and set the piles. The building was sawn in half and transported to the site using George Fussell's truck and Shorty Collins crane, assisted by Max Kench, Jack Irion and Alf Mexted. It was then rejoined where it still remains today.


Further notes which are on the official Titahi Bay RSA display plaque are below


In this display are the original plans for the clubrooms and a copy of the original Certificate of Incorporation for the Titahi Bay Branch (Wellington Returned Services Association) Incorporated.


The information provided for this display is an extract from Taffy Green's memoirs of the founding and history of the Titahi Bay RSA.


Special thanks are accorded to Taffy Green for this valuable information and to those members who made this display possible.


George Fussell (previously mentioned) framed this display.

 28th May, 1999


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